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29 January 2021
17:00 (GMT + 0)
Performances, talks, meet the makers, discussions, DJ sets and musical sessions

Our station is Internet-based and led by Experimental Communication (School of Communication) students at the Royal College of Art of London. We curate weekly showcases of music, conversation and interview, collected from both RCA students and further afield. This sonic-satellite is an opportunity to re-invigorate the public through worldwide collaboration and discussion, whilst also building bridges in a post-Brexit, mid-Covid-19 environment.

Used as a knowledge-sharing and collaborative platform, Export Radio offers a parallel space for students to reflect on WHAT they are learning about, but especially HOW they are taught at the RCA. In the context of the Work in Progress show, students felt the need to find a more humane and interactive way to share their work, their concerns regarding the institution they are studying in but also their professionalization. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, once we leave the RCA?
Following this thought, the team at Export Radio has put together a 24hours Livestream which will feature performances, roundtables, Q&As… It will offer students another format for visibility, getting their voices heard within and outside the ‘walls’ of the RCA.

We will be broadcasting 2 main different types of shows during this 24hours Livestream:
- individual works presentations/performances of graduates or soon to be graduates.
(these include a wide range of formats: podcasts, DJ sets, sound pieces, live workshops,...).
- roundtable discussions with groups of students/alumni/graduates from UK/EU and International Arts/Design schools (Germany, India, The Netherlands, UK,…).
These roundtables will be the occasion for graduates to share their experience of graduation life in nowadays context, reflect on the types of works that came out after 1 year in the midst of COVID 19, and what professional prospects they might have at this stage. They will be joined by alumni and students in and out of university to broaden the horizon of the reflection and inquiries. These discussions will be rather laid-back and informal, a bit like a chit chat with a cup of tea/coffee in hand!

We’re looking forward to ‘hear’ from you and meet you on our audio-visual waves!
Tune in soon!

Export Radio

School of Communication, School of Design
Fashion (MA), Visual Communication (MA)
Estimated Duration: 24 hours
Link to join

Rosie Ash

Camille Le Flem

Dougal Gedge

Konstantina Benaki Chatzispasou

Kristina Kapeljuh

Louise Gholam

Lucy Papadopoulos

Carmo Pinheiro de Melo

Melissa Berney

Rocco Punghellini

Rosie Boxall

Susan Atwill

Yaqi Zhou

Wing Shan Wong (Pat)

Amir Saidani

Arthur Wilson

Buket Yenidogan

Claudia Battisti

Dominika Szemik

Dara Khakpour

Friederike Maike Constance Steinert

Guillaume Toffel

Han Wen

Johann Spindler

Jessica Mardon

Ziyoo Hwang

Jin Gao

Jiali Wu

Jianing Li

Fu-Jun Ko

Jonathan Katz

Jonny Drewek

Jiuming Duan

Kelly Macbeth Mackay

Louise Gholam

Laura Dudek

Leon Hapka

Carmo Pinheiro de Melo

Maria Vorobjova

Meli Berney

Nayonika Ghosh

Rocco Punghellini

Ruozhu Li

Rahul Pradhan

Siyu Fu

Xiaoyu Ma

Yaqi Zhou

Yehonatan Cohen

Yue Xi

Wing Shan Wong (Pat)

Taesoon Choi

Nicole Kaminska

Siobhan Palin

Qiuyun Li

Linyun Yu


Junyi Li

Pindiga Ranjith Kumar

Linxi Zhu

Peini Yu

Xiaoqin Li

Liner Shen

Natalia Esteve

Jie Hu

Ling Jiang

Zongbo Jiang

fey fey Yufei Liu

Emma Collins

Bea Brucker

Aurelie Fontan

Yushan Liu

Linyan Hu

Su Bin Choe

Annie Mackinnon

Anne Ferial

Xiaoling Jin

Yan Han

Kijeong Choi

Dorota Bojanowska

Ye Yuan

Rika Kim

Ziqian Xiu

Gyouree Kim

Xinru Wu

Siqi Fang

Chenyu Cai

Sam Chester

Jiaoyang Ma

Shan Jin

NANXY | Tian Wang

Daniel Goncalo Balde

Zhonghua Sui

Sven Steinmetz

Dimitris Karagiannakis

Abi Sheng

Daisy Suhwoo Park

Xiaonan Li

HeJing Fang

Jiangyue He

Yunpei Li

Seungmin Koh!

Gisele Zixuan He

Lingzhi Wang

Kehoe LaiKi Kwok

Jiahui Ding

Hye Min Kim

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