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We exist beyond the linear experience of space and time -where there is no set terminology or conceptualisation that may intend to categorise us. We exist in the embodiment of our practice, within the essence of the true sense of Self, inside the dialogue between the transcendent and the imminent life. Our practice draws breath from no explanations, it lives within itself and for itself alone as it does not need language to advocate on its behalf.

We exist not through the physicality that encapsulates us but through what lies within it as a pulsating life force that manifests as true creative power.

This is the practice of the transcendence of the body into pure Consciousness through the most authentic embodiment of the body vessel- one that cannot be explained as it remains rooted in its own experience. We manifest from the no-body, the space of ultimate freedom that arises from beyond the body-mind. It is the practice of unconcealing the layers of the Self and allowing creative manifestation to flourish only when unconcealment is the one thing that prevails.

The whole essence of the practice is based in disclosing, as we illuminate the connection between the manifestation of the process of Being and the impermanence of the Being that unravels within this.

We are a ‘mere breath of air; a formless thought that thinks of you.’

Text and image: Natalia Esteve

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