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Fashion (MA)

Post-Disciplinary Design


What is the appropriate terminology used to describe complex -and often collaborative- design approaches?

Any practice that aims to combine two or more fields in a new form of expression that cannot be defined by existing terms or current industry expectations, is characterised as trans- or post-disciplinary. More specifically, the latter focuses on the institutional aspects of academia and rejects the need for an organisational division of disciplines.

In my eyes, forcing creative minds to narrow down their work to one specific outlet is only holding us back from envisioning the exciting ideas that stem from a diversified perspective. Fashion does not only exist in the material, but also in the immaterial. Fashion can be found in any object, movement and feeling. As we create sympoetically with other human and non-human beings, the plethora of influences and collective inputs create an amalgam of an experience.

Text and image: Dimitris Karagiannakis

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