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Fashion (MA)



Having now spent more time geographically apart than physically together in a studio and virtual platforms hold our community together: what are the narratives we want to tell? Our collective voice demands planet centred design, social sustainability and emotional durability, rich in storytelling and renewed understandings of traditional craft and textiles practise.

From the collaborative ‘Arcade Project’ examining women’s identities and image production and consumption in Korea, to projects questioning sexuality and tradition in China, this year’s Womenswear cohort is underscored in a deep-rooted necessity to critique, deconstruct, and reimagine contemporary gender. Corsets become tools of care for your gut, surreal shapewear abstracts and re-moulds the form, garments become illusions behind screens, as fashion acts as a speculative world to ask: who are the protagonists we want to centre, and what futures do we want?

We are now all part of each other.

Through science, history and poetic philosophies - the molecular, time and self – we must find a way to create a fluid, beautiful planet that no longer breaks.

We build through how we learn.

Text: Annie Mackinnon
Image : Daisy Suhwoo Park
Model : Kim Boyeong

BiodegradableCorsetryDesign SystemempowermentfemininityhumorIdentity And BodyInflatablesLabourMachineMotionPatternProtectionSolidaritySustainablesustainable fashionwaterWeavewomenwomenswearwool
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