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School of Communication

Central to the vision of the School of Communication is a question that grounds our practices, methods, values and priorities: What does it mean to be human? Never has this question been more pertinent, poignant, painful, expressive and celebratory. Nor has the work of communication practitioners and researchers been more relevant in the context of pervasive inequalities, false news and systemic injustices.

Every year, around this time of year, in our pre-Covid lives at the Royal College of Art, our students put up a Work in Progress exhibition. After the success of the RCA2020 online show last year, which was under extremely challenging circumstances, we are extending our adventure into the digital world with an online WiP exhibition. The exhibition is a mark of progress; a celebration of student journeys, degrees and of the next steps to come.

The WiP acts as an insight into the student journey for visitors, staff and students alike. It really is a unique experience for each student, some using it as a springboard for their work for the final graduate exhibition, some using it as a touchstone to assess their progress, and some using it as an opportunity to experiment and explore.

This is a collective testament to the importance of creative and critical practice. It is an expression of the journey our 2-year MA students from Animation, Information Experience Design, Visual Communication, an artistic transformational journey which continues.


疫情爆发前,每年到了这个时候,皇家艺术学院的学生都会举办Work in Progress作品展览。尽管面临极大挑战,但去年的RCA2020线上展仍然取得了巨大成功,通过线上WiP展览,我们正将我们的探索开拓到数字世界。这一展览记标志着进步;是一场关于学生们的经历、学位以及未来的前景的庆典。




This year, the work of 131 graduates from MA Animation, MA Information Experience Design, MA Visual Communication and PhD Communication place communication practice and research at the heart of human experience. Their work individually and collectively reiterates how communication, whilst often ubiquitous, is integral and critical to us as a human race finding a collective way to engage and connect with each other.
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