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Textiles (MA)

Chloe Rochefort

Chloé Rochefort is a mixed-media artist who specialises in sculpture and installation. Inspired by our relationship to ordinary spaces and objects, she investigates the concept of play, through colourful participative settings. By reusing scrap materials and found objects she creates bold and vivid creations.

Before moving to London, Chloé studied Textiles at ENSAAMA in Paris. During her time there she won the “Prospective Design” award from the French Federation of Lace, and undertook an internship at the Maison Julien Vermeulen where she worked on feather art. 

Whilst at the RCA, she became one of the five curators of the ‘Creating in Crisis’ gallery. She is currently collaborating with Musson+Retallick on their community engagement project “Fields of Everywhen”.




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Textiles (MA)

In the 60’s, as an aftermath of WWII, children were encouraged to built their own playgrounds with leftover materials and objects they found in the street, to trigger their creativity and positive thinking. 

These narratives, where daily resourcefulness can lead to imaginative impulse influenced my reflection on the current lockdown. It suddenly felt necessary to reinvent our daily routines and spaces to cope with the new norm.

My ongoing installation project “The Great Neighbourhood of Happenstance Square”, explores the idea of a game settled in a curious and absurd domestic setting. I question concepts of chance and interactivity to design an engaging experience. On one hand, it is a game for the audience, and on the other, it is a game for myself. A real life Sims game in which I can construct and transform new spaces as I please.

Like the "Adventure Playgrounds" in the 60's, created with found objects, my making also relies on the collection and use of scrap materials. Their unexpected shapes, unique textures, and aspects often inspires me. As an intuitive maker, I use my instincts and material-led experimentations as a researching tool.

CLEANING EVENT = extracting pocket treasures from the washing machine + dragging the breathless vaccum around the flat — Mixed-media sculptures for my domestic setting installation Materials include : textile, foam, plaster, wood, plexiglass , vintage toys and found materials

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "Hmmmm, good morning... am I in Happenstance Square?" — Close up on a model for my game installation "The Great Neighborhood of Happenstance Square" Materials include : textile, foam, plaster, wood, plexiglass , toys and diverse found materials

I SAW A GOOSE WITH A TEAPOT HEAD ( her beak poured me some earl grey) — Oil painting and oil pastel on kraft paper


Mixed materials


Growing everyday
Narration / StorytellingpaintingPlaySculpture

MY STUDIO (a.k.a the official construction site) — The image alongside my studio shot features an inflatable sample created on a high frequency welder with bright pvc leftovers.

IN ACTION (feature highly satisfying asmr content) — Behind the scenes and work in progress (sound on !)

"INTRODUCING HAPPENSTANCE SQUARE" (preparatory fresco) — Mixed-media painting Oil painting, oil pastel, beads and plexiglass on paper


Mixed materials


Growing everyday

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