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Sculpture (MA)

Congcong Wu

As an international young artist who studied in China, Australia, UK and U.S., Congcong is interested in exploring the themes of multiculturalism, dimensions, humanity and the overlooked aspects of everyday life. Her artworks have utilized many different forms of media ranging from drawing, painting, print, sculpture, installation and digital media. Currently, she is working on stop motion animation to explore the loneliness of elderly in contemporary society. Congcong studied BA(Hons) Fine Art in UAL: Chelsea College of Arts before her studies in RCA.




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School of Arts & Humanities

Sculpture (MA)

My dear, 

When you were very young, 

I spent a lot of time slowly teaching you how to use a spoon, 

How to tie shoelaces

How to dress yourself, 

How to comb your hair and wipe your nose, 

These fragments of memory fill me with yearning. 

So, when I cannot remember, what I should answer next, 

Please give me some time, wait for me, let me think, 

Please give me some time, wait for me, let me think...

I’ll probably forget what I want to say in the end.

My dear,

Do you remember that we practiced a few hundred times, only to learn a song about a doll? 

Do you remember I struggled every day, to answer your constant questioning "why"? 

So, when I told you that old story again and again, when I hummed those lullabies, 

Please forgive me, let me continue to indulge in these memories! Talk to me awhile,

My dear.

Now I often forget how to button a shirt, tie my shoes. 

Spill food down my front and comb my hair with trembling hands.

Do not rush me, give me more patience and gentleness, because as long as I have you, my heart remains warm.

My dear, 

Today, I stand trembling, my steps are staggered.

Please hold my hand tightly, slowly, 

As I once held yours, and step by step we will walk together.

-- A poem that was written on a wall in the nursing house

(Original in Chinese, Author: Unknown, Translation: Congcong Wu)

I always stay at home,

I love travelling, meeting friends, and making paper cuttings,

I love to see my children and grandchildren and chat with them,

I am a little bit deaf,

I can’t hear them clearly,

My grandchildren listen to me and chat with me sometimes,

Most of the time they are impatient,

They are too busy,

They are not always with me,

“Don’t go out, your body condition does not allow it.” they said,

“Don’t do the housework, you can’t help, you’d better just sit there and watch TV” they said,

“Don’t ask that much, it’s not your business” they said,

I have to stay at home.

Hypertension, heart disease, arthritis and countless medicines are always with me,

I want to live by myself,

But I have to live with my son because of my illness,

There are no friends, only a TV,

After the dinner, they asked me to go to sleep,

It’s just 7:30 pm,

Too early for me,

But I have nothing to do, it’s too boring to watch TV, they don’t have time to chat with me,

I can only go to sleep.

Very funny,

The only thing I can do is stay at home and sleep. 

-- Grandma's monologue by Congcong Wu


glass bottles


Elderly PeopleLonelinessObjectspersonalize









My work will be shown as an installation including the animation and those painted bottles—the bottles are painted which personalizes them: each bottle is an independent persona.


glass bottles

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