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Deividas Vytautas

Deividas Vytautas is a Lithuanian visual artist and filmmaker, born in Chicago, Illinois (US) – currently living and working between London and Berlin. He received a BA Honours degree in Film at the University of Westminster (UK)....




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As the virus mutates, so do I, and so does the world that we exist in. 

To mutate is to change state or condition. I’m interested in exploring the ever-transforming state of identity. A continuous cycle of reinvention. Mutation instinctively links to something negative, a change for the worst. A mutant is a monster. In a system of binary categories – the other. In a (failing) heteropatriarchal regime the non-hetero, non-fertile, non-maternal body is a mutant body: a non-reproductive body resisting an established order. Slowly the gender regime begins to crumble. Is that utopia in the distant horizon? Can you feel the rippling presence of a dawning new world? The revolution fronted by bodies existing beyond hegemonic gender and racial norms has already begun. 

I work with sound design, digitally shot footage, computer generated imagery, AI technology and archive material as I explore notions of transformation. A synthesis of personal narratives and critical ideas - my research and visual work become tools providing opportunities to engage with and reflect on the self and beyond. An exploration of a system of complex internal networks that are heavily interlinked with the mechanisms and technologies extending beyond the border of the skin. Reconstruction of the self. In a state of continuous change. To what extent are we able to move beyond our pre-configured identities?



Mutant, Video Still

Mutant, Video Still

Mutant, Video Still

Mutant, Video Still

Mutant, Video Still

Mutant, Video Still

There is a continuous movement between the internal and external. The border between ecology and technology no longer exists. Binary constructed reality seems to be breaking apart. Nature and the natural are no longer restrictive forces limiting reconstruction of identity. 

I am the mutant, a shapeshifting organism and this is my intimate confessional narrative.




3 min. 24 sec.

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