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Service Design (MA)

Lu Chen

Lu Chen is a designer with an Advertising Design background. Before RCA, she worked as a UI/UX designer in the healthcare and automobile industry. She Passionates about complex problems(technology&humanities, social innovation), interested in figuring out them using logical thinking and aesthetic design. Experience of RCA has raised her interests in collaborating with interdisciplinary students to explore possibilities of design as well as using speculative design as a tool to examine what the future would look like.

Moreover, she is intrigued by everything going on around her, resulting in many side projects ideas in her mind. She is currently working on a side project about bringing the multi-sensory experience into drinking alcohol with friends. Also, she is on a daily illustration challenge.




Degree Details

School of Design

Service Design (MA)

I explored the bright and dark side of technology in my dissertation, which received a distinction, including listeners losing the opportunity to read up on new music due to algorithms, but technology should make us better. Herbert Simon said the design is concerned with how things ought to be, using design to resolve the shortcoming in technology exists me. This is the starting point of my final project. I am a super fan of music, feeling like most indie musicians are overlooked. This project would also allow me to bring human-centered thinking and strategic thinking into the music industry.

My final project wishes to empower the next wave of independent music artists and get excellent music heard by the right people.

Shopal is a humane shopping companion that can provide timely service and necessary information according to senior customers’ preferences for shopping habits. It will also provide customers’ feedbacks for supermarkets.

In the near future, the pandemic will remain recurrent, bringing social distancing rules and a low-touch economy. At the same time, it shaped grocery retail with reduced physical interactions between customers and supermarket staff. The elderly is one of the groups of people whose lives are threatened most; in the meantime, their connection with technology is tighter than we thought. They have to adapt to modern life and learn how to use electronic devices. 96% of seniors are using a smartphone daily. Thus we decided to focus on the elderly shopping experience. Here CUI comes in, requiring less cognitive workload and giving a command to it hands-free. So for this project, we partnered with the Modal to explore voice-based interface in experience for shopping then to encourage more social connection.

Shadowing Research

Research Findings-from 10+ intervews — To gain a deep understanding of senior customers, we interviewed 10+ seniors and their children; we also live together with the elderly to observe their real life, acquiring interesting findings through our research.

Insights about customers and supermarket staff — Our objective is to provide timely and trustworthy communication for senior consumers who desire a smooth and safe shopping experience in the entire shopping process, thus help supermarkets offer better service to get more profit and a better reputation, and to help supermarket staff feel their value at work while reducing their workload.

Test and prototype to design a better touchpoint — We went through mainly two experiments to make Shopal a better touchpoint. The first test was to find which device would be the best vessel for Shopal, and the second one was to find which feature is both feasible and useful.

Route to the real world — To encourage stronger social connection, which is our ultra-goal, Shopal will have four stages to go through.

We believe CUI will participate in people's everyday life, involved in more and more aspects, encouraging stronger social connection-which is a basic need of human beings at any time.

Project Partner


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ModalSeniorsShoppingVoice user interface

Empowering the next wave of independent music artists

MA Final Project

In the music industry, when royalties and resources have been controlled by mainstream record companies for a long time, it is not easy for independent musicians to survive. Many of them even have to work part-time to keep creating music. But with the rise of streaming music, the traditional music marketing model is gradually being replaced by digital marketing. Record companies are facing a crisis of transformation, and the market segmentation has also given independent musicians more opportunities to be discovered and seen.

In addition to making music, to find unique audience and establish connections with them has become an important topic for independent musicians today. How do we use human centric thinking and strategic design to assist musicians in exploring and building their own personal brands, and develop a stable fanbase, to bring continuous income and create new opportunities for themselves?

Potential Project Partner:

Independent musicians,Music industry practitioners,Digital marketing experts

In Collaboration With:

Yahe Yang(MA Service Design)

Hsuan Tzu Shen(MA Service Design)

🎸If you interested in this topic, please feel free to contact me🎵

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